For further information about validity and fares please check out the fares page.
In order to travel with an online recharged card, there are two things to do:

  1. Top up your Aspo Card online
  2. Activate your pass on the validating machine

To recharge your pass on your Aspo Card you have to enter your name, surname and card code printed on your Aspo Card.

By clicking on the Login button, you have to enter your payment details in the specific form.

Activate your card

Warning: after recharging your card, in order to travel by bus, you should activate your pass using the validating machine on board the bus. In fact, when you buy your pass online, it is not active until you validate your Aspo Card.

Recharge your pass 5 days before the use, as the system has to automatically update the data.

Travel freely

Your pass is now active. Remember to validate it at the beginning of the trip and every time you change bus by placing your card in front of the magnetic electronic validating machine that you find on the bus at the entrance.

Users who have right to special passes in the cases provided by the Sardinia Region have to contact the company offices for the release of the Aspo Card and the purchase of passes, upon verification of required forms.


If you need help with the online recharge, please write to

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