The parking service offers:
the possibility to park your vehicle in about 600 non-monitored paid stalls, located in the main areas of the town.
On all the installed parking meters there is a courtesy button that allows a 15-minute free stop by simply pressing the green button without paying.
Moreover, there is a daily rate of € 5.00 for parking throughout the municipal area except for Porto Rotondo area.
In the Municipality of Olbia there are 3 parking areas for “unlimited” parking.

Payment must be made at the same time of the use of the parking lot and can be done through:
● use of “Gratta e Sosta” (scratch tickets)
● smartphone or tablet – Aspo Olbia APP or My Cicero APP
● payment receipts distributed by parking meters
● tickets issued directly by the parking officers
● electronic prepaid cards
● weekly, monthly , 6 months passes


Each type of payment must be easily identifiable by the parking officer both through their palmtop device (for payments made with
Aspo Olbia APP and My Cicero) and through the display of all other types of payment on the vehicle dashboard.

It is possible to purchase passes or electronic cards:
● ASPO Infopoint c/o Tourist Office open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 phone no. +39 0789 52206 / +39 334 9809802
● Headquarters in Via Indonesia 9 Industrial Zone from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 13:45 and Tuesday and Thursday from 15:30 to 17:30 phone no. +39 0789553817


For any further information on the parking service you can contact:
● ASPO Infopoint c/o Tourist Office +39 0789 52206 / +39 334 9809802
● Parking officers;
● Parking office located in Via indonesia 9: +39 0789553811 / +39 3487274612 / +39 3487274611

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